A New and Better Way To List

Airbnb recently changed the way in which you put in your information for a new listing. It’s great as you now have new text boxes for each section to describe your property and area, which not only looks better on Airbnb when a guest is viewing, but also makes sure you are giving prospective guests more than sufficient information about your space.

What is also great is that you can update your existing information to the new format. We are in the process of updating all of our listings and can see the difference already. Here’s a link to one that we’ve completed:  AMAZING LARGE 3 BED IN ♥ OF GRACIA

So first, head over to your dashboard, your listing(s) then manage listings. Under DESCRIPTION, the first box is ‘Overview’. Here you have the title and then ‘Summary’, we’ve taken the opportunity in the box to introduce us and to let the guests know we’re on hand for any questions they may have.

Okay, next is ‘Details’. Here you have:

The Space: This is where you have your listings full description and detail outlined. This is really important as this is information your guests will want to know beforehand. They will need to know what they can expect.  One thing we use here is bullet points on what we offer during their stay. This really helps as it lets guests speed read through without having to read lots of paragraphs. See the links below on how to add bullet points to your listing.

Guest Access: This is more for host who host in their own home. A great place to set out any boundaries in advance. For our apartments we write ‘Total access to the whole apartment, it’s all yours’

Interaction with Guests: Again, more for hosts at home, but for us we just let them know we are on hand if they need us.

Next is the best part of this new feature ‘The Neighbourhood‘! Here is where you get to shine and sell you apartment and its location. Let prospective guests get a feel for what it’s like to live at your place. Tell them about the cafe’s and your favorite places to go and why you enjoy the area so much.

Also in the section you have ‘Getting around‘. This is great to let people know how close or far away you are from public transport, so they can get a feel for what to expect and whether to pack hiking boots.

Lastly, there is the ‘Extra Details‘ section with ‘Other Things to Note‘ and ‘House Rules‘. Let the guests know things here that they would either love or hate. For instance if there are 4 flights of stairs up to your apartment, or that you have 17 long haired cats living with you, then this is the place to let the prospective guests know! For us we recap about the tourist tax that applies to apartments here in Barcelona.

So what are you waiting for.. time to refresh your listing with the new format. You’ll be glad you did and your place could stand out from the all the rest!

Oh, on the subject of standing out., Here are some links on how to add some symbols for your text. Just don’t over do them! ☸♜♥♆☤☭☯♂

Mac Users

Window Users (Yep this kid knew more than you!)

So go! Go forth and get you listing looking its best;)








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