Airbnb Gets Olympic Gold

It looks like the purchase of rival CrashPadder a few months back really has paid off for Airbnb. Nathan Blecharczyk, the company’s chief technology officer and co-founder of Airbnb is very pleased that they have over 4,500 bookings over the coming three weeks of the Olympic games!

Airbnb also struck a sponsorship deal with the London Evening Standard with the aim to bring new customers from around the world. 

With Airbnb now listing over 200,00 spaces in 192 countries, the Olympic games is seen a a great way to spread the word about the company. “Because they are coming from distant lands to the Olympics, and going back to their home countries, they are causing Airbnb to generate awareness in their home countries,” Blecharczyk said.

Many hotels in London had been booked up well in advance of the games and those that still had availability came with a hefty price tag.

Airbnb helped a lot of people traveling to secure a place to stay. These include spare rooms, shared rooms, boats mored on the river and Pent Houses for those that can afford it.

So the founders of Airbnb started out providing accommodation for people attending a conference in a city with all hotels, motels and B&B’s booked out. Today only 4 years later they are continuing to do the same, but on a world wide scale. Well done guys!

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