At Last San Francisco Makes Airbnb Legal

Airbnb and local city councils have a history of not being on the same page in some major cities.

Airbnb was born back in 2008 and brought about a new way for guests to stay. It changed the way people travel and as we all know Airbnb grew fast….really fast!

As this was a new format in hospitality cities around the world didn’t know how to handle this new sharing economy. On one hand you had the Dutch in Amsterdam who like other cities did not have a law to deal with private vacation rental.  But being the forward thinking people they are rather than banning the use of Airbnb, they just changed the law to allow people to rent out their homes. Simple really!

Unfortunately a lot of cities didn’t adopt Hollands forward thinking and just slapped a blanket ban on home hosting.

Here in Barcelona touristic licences have been suspended for the past 6 months and as for sharing your home with a paying guest, well this is still to be addressed. Although officially illegal here.

This week saw some great news come out of San Francisco, Airbnb’s home turf. After 6 years the city’s board of supervisors voted to legalize and regulate short-term stays through a controversial piece of legislation that has been two years in the making.

The new regulation only allows people to rent homes through Airbnb if they are San Francisco residents living in the unit for at least nine months a year. They also have to register as hosts with the city, promising under penalty of perjury that they meet those conditions.

Of course these things take time to implement and from what I’ve been reading there are some amendments to be made before things become fully legal, but it’s really great to see things are now on the right course.

We hope to see some good news like this soon in Barcelona and in other cities where the grey areas need to be clearer.

Keep you posted…..


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