Balcony, your extra room

Balconies are a big part of people’s living space these days. As a host if you are lucky enough to be able to offer your guest this special area well then why not enhance its full potential.

Think of your balcony as an extension of your indoor space. The perception of greenery beyond any room makes an impactful connection with the outdoors and will make your indoor space seem larger. Even if you only have a tiny balcony, it is worth the effort to put something green out there as it provides an additional focal point for your apartment.

Here are some of my tips…

– For all your plant pots ensure they have a base to hold excess water. This will not only help the soil keep moist but it will also prevent water leaks. This is essential if you have neighbours below. We have learned this from experience!  Another option is to use a water ball or plant minder which holds a reservoir of water that slowly seeps into the soil and only needs to be refilled about once every two weeks

– If you feel that you won’t be able to commit to the watering maintenance required, then maybe consider evergreens that require little or no maintenance

– If your guests are staying for a while, ask them very nicely if they would mind watering the plants. We do when it’s very hot and the guests are always very happy to. Don’t forget to provide the watering can!

– Flower boxes are a nice touch. Irrelevant of the climate get hardy plants that can deal with no water for a while. I use mandevilla as they look really well with pretty flowers in the summer and then great greenery throughout the rest of the year and can cope with neglect

– If you have enough space for a table and chair no matter how small make sure you have a set for your guests. Like wise, if there is room have a sun umbrella or awning as this is really a great addition and sometimes essential if your balcony is a sun trap

– It’s worth investing in cushions for chairs or any other seating (no one likes a numb bum) and on the table have a few candles, a plant with flowers in a small plant pot. Have some place mats and coasters nearby too. Also if smoking outside is permitted, have a clean ashtray available

– For lighting, any lanterns, fairy lights and outdoor lights are a bonus and adds a cool and tranquil atmosphere

– If you would like to add some privacy and to make the area feel more cosy, well then opt for a bamboo fence. These look great and are not too costly either or why not bring out the creative side of you and add some trellising and create a natural screen. We have used passion flower vine’s in the past, very fast growing and gives an amazing display when in flower

–  Top dressings such as pebbles, slate pieces, wood bark chips in your pots look great

– If you have the space on your balcony and you invite your guests to use your kitchen,  then some pots with mint, chives, rosemary, beetroot, oregano, and parsley would go down a storm. Not only are herbs quite resilient but they smell soooo good!

– Last and certainly not least…. Use this area as a huge advantage when advertising. Prep your balcony as a breakfast nook. Have a photo-shoot on a sunny day with fresh orange juice, croissants in a basket, your best flowered plant placed forward and take a nice photo! Include this in your photos on airbnb and see the increased enquiries and bookings come in! …

Who doesn’t want to enjoy a leisurely breakfast outdoors or afternoon tea or glass of wine in the evening surrounded by plants and scented ambiance!

Let us know in the comments below if you have any tips on the terraces and gardens that you use

Thanks for reading:)



'Balcony, your extra room' have 4 comments

  1. October 27, 2015 @ 7:06 pm Megan

    We at Stylevise love these great tips and think it is super important to style your vacation rental to look its best — and the balcony (or other cozy outdoor space) is super important to include!


    • January 2, 2016 @ 11:06 am Phil

      Hi Megan, Thanks for the comment. Yep, all too often hosts don’t think about outdoor spaces at all. We’ve seen amazing listings, but the view of the back yard is overgrown and looks a mess. The same with balconies, there are some listing here in Barcelona that are being badly let down by what should be a selling point.


  2. November 29, 2016 @ 4:08 pm MyTrendExpert

    We wish there were more hosts like this, a lot of our hosts we encountered either flaked last minute or didn’t care much about the room’s style.


  3. March 1, 2017 @ 5:05 pm Paola Antonecchia

    Dear Fiona, thanks for your tips. I advertised since last January my apartment in Rome on airbnb “charming terrace and lovely apartment in quiet area” hoping that the beautiful location and the terrace would be a great attraction, but up today I did not receive any booking. What is he reason in your opinion? Prices, pictures, or the lack of review? Thank you for your attention


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