Do you like our new look?

Delighted to introduce Ourbnb’s new look for Autumn 2014! So the past few weeks between hosting and other life things I’ve been busy working on our new look for our blog. Along with our fresh feel we’re adding some new features to help you guys out.

Our high season has come to an end and this gives us time to catch our breaths after the crazy busy past 5 months and work on the things we just don’t have time for during summer.  Fiona is busy ensuring the apartments are up to high standard and getting necessary painting and maintenance done.

Not that we ever really have spare time, but Ourbnb was looking dated and our hosting provider was not helping us with stupidly slow loading times. So last week, I put my head down and set about a complete change and a migration to a new host. What you see here is the end result. Hope you like?

We will also be bringing you more Airbnb news as it happens, new features to help you if you’ re starting out with Airbnb as well as some things to help even the most seasoned Airbnb pro.

As these things happen, we’ll be letting you know via email, so if you’ve not subscribed yet, please do to keep up to date with everything.

Thanks again to all our long term readers and all your support.

Let us know below what you think;)

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