The Joy Of A Great Review

We have been hosting for over a year now and even with all our experience, we still get excited when we get the email from Airbnb that a guest has left a review for us. Even with 80 (minus 1) really great reviews that we are very proud of we still get a little nervous when we click the button to read a new review. An amazing/great or good review is not guaranteed and even though they may of seemed happy, we might of missed something or messed up.

What makes Airbnb work is the importance of the reviews. It’s a big part of airbnb however not all guests do leave reviews and while this can be disappointing for a host its going to happen. Guests that I thought would do a review never did and then others I thought might not, did!

“You can please all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot please all the people all the time.”

For us 80% of our guests have left reviews, which according to Brian, co founder of airbnb is above average!

For our reviews we usually get a good few lines which is great as the guest has not only taken the time to review, but has spent time on it. Short reviews can be disappointing however one of our favorite reviews was the shortest and written by Wasna from Thailand. She said “life smiles and laughs in that lovely home ((:”

Besides this unfortunate one, our reviews have been excellent and our guests have acknowledged that we will do our best to make their stay a great one. But every now and again, we get an outstanding review that proves, I suppose why we are superhosts. Going above and beyond what is expected is something we’ll do when needed, and gettting a review back like this one just makes us feel on top of the world!…

“Thanks a lot to Fiona and Phil, and Airbnb for the best stay and perfect organisation and support! Having to come unexpectly to Barcelona with my son for a medical treatment (in the same street), I contacted Fiona and Phil for a last minute booking. I got a prompt answer and arrived late the same evening, easily found their place, taxi from the train station, 5-10 min away.

Our children started to play together and Fiona and Phil made us feel just like home. Which felt nice as I was stressed for my merdical treatment the next day. Space is really well organised, Phil’s family having the end part of the beautiful apartment, and the guest the other part, with shared kitchen and bathroom.

Apartment athmosphere offers a very cosy and warm feel, thanks to their creativity skills, perfectly balanced and adapted to the typical style of this Barcelona apartment. Beeing myself an Airbnb host, it was the first time I was an Airbnb guest. So we had a nice chat, discussing our Airbnb experiences! Other guest were staying too, as well Airbnb host. For me, sharing this ‘hosting’ experience, made me feel like I was a part of a special community.

Room was perfect, with fruits and water at disposal, which we appreciate a lot because of the heat at this time of year. I liked the nice ‘veranda’ in which we had a gorgeous breakfast. Their children are realy nice, polite and well behaved, and my son was of course more than happy to be able to share his games with them! As I had to leave for my medical treatment, Fiona was just so nice, and took care of Jérémy, my son, while I was at the clinic! (which took more than 4 hours). Being handicaped, walking with crutches, and with stress about the treatment, Fiona and Phil’s support was just so helpfull and generous.

After I came back from the clinic, I could not walk at all, and had to leave for the trainstation. I had promised a ‘Barcelona football shirt’ for my son, and I could not fulfill my promise. Phil went to look for the wished shirt, and came back an hour later with it! First of all, I would like to warmly thank you for making our stay be so exceptional, and for your extremely helpful support. I have to come back to Barcelona to continue my treatment, and I will book at Fiona and Phil! Kindest regards, and many thanks. Claire and Jérémy”

As soon as we get reviews like this our enquires also increase. It shows a prospective guest what to expect, and let them know that should they have any problems, we will be there to help them out.

We have always said, reviews are close to priceless and good reviews equals more bookings. To get one like this is amazing as not only does it help bookings but its also nice to know that this is what we are good at and some folk appreciate that!

Thanks Claire and Jérémy, we look forward to your next visit sooner rather than later we hope.




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  1. September 21, 2012 @ 9:58 am jan

    Good reviews are addictive, like yourselves I nervously click the ‘read review here’ link and hold my breath.

    IVery much enjoy these articles and sorry I have not posted on the message board yet ( it’s been a busy September ).

    ps – You may notice a small addition to our airbnb profile ( ! )


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