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So this month we’re kicking off a new part of the blog providing you with a break down on some interior tips on how you could increase your guests experience and hence future bookings for your listing/s. It is going to be mainly written by me, Fiona! Not because Phil is not good in this area, on the contrary infact! He is very DIY savy and when I want a picture hung or a door fixed in an apartment for an example and if I am very nice, well then I can get it done within a relatively quick timescale!

Interiors are one thing that I am fanatic about and always have been. I enjoy an opportunity to get a peek into peoples homes and see how they do things. Give me a choice to wander around a home design or clothes shop and I will happily choose to spend all day in an interior or even home improvement shops if I could!

So back to business, you want to make your listing as stylish and welcoming as you are! So for some tips that I think work well for us I am starting with a very important place – the door and entrance to your listing. This is your guest’s very first impression… and it has to be spot on! They’ve probably looked at the photos numerous times before and after making the booking, but this is the first real experience they will be having, so its time to attack their senses….

Hall door – here you are looking to impress the guest and this is where it can happen..

  •  Ensure it is clean and has a doormat. If the door is worn perhaps a lick of paint would help
  • As soon as the main door into your listing opens, take note of the initial aroma/ smell. A bowl of pot pourri or delicate air freshener placed in the hall near the door is a nice trick. Nothing too over powering though.
  • Are the walls looking as best they can? I recommend that you maintain the painting annually, ideally in low season – November or January is the best time. Stick to white or neutral colours unless your property really suits a specific colour that you are confident about
  • Make sure that the front door itself opens freely and is not obstructed by any furniture, you don’t want that newly painted door to get scratched with suitcases been squeezed in
  • Engage visitors immediately by a nice wall display, good quality painting or picture in front of them as they enter
  • Position a mirror to catch the light and bring the sun into a darker hallway. For added brightness choose a white-framed mirror, or paint the one you have! A mirror is also great to create an illusion of space, particularly if the hallway is small. This also helps when your guest’s are heading out. Who doesn’t like to have a quick look at themselves on their way out;)
  • If the hall has room for a table well then a table lamp will cast an inviting glow
  • Lighting is important – If you are hanging a pendant or chandelier suspend it so that the bottom is 6 feet 8” from the floor. Anything lower you’ll cut the space and any higher you loose the visual effect
  • Supply an umbrella and have a suitable place in the hall to place it
  • A bowl or key holder for the guest’s keys in this area is important. Also with regard to the keys we supply two sets and always have a nice good quality key ring attached
  • A coat stand for coats, hats, scarfs, sun hats etc. is important and makes it homely too. Just make sure it’s free for the guests to use and not cluttered with a collection of your own hats and scarfs
  • This is a good place to have a guest book and pen placed on the hall table. This is a nice touch and will give you great memorabilia in years to come
  • Flowers – oh I just love real flowers and there can never be enough! This however involves a little bit of work and dedication but even if its just a few in a little vase of water looks very elegant and professional

So I hope that has given you some ideas and may help. If you have any other suggestions or comments, please leave them below. Oh check out my pinterest on interior looks that inspire me.. my pinterest

Next time on ‘interior hints for hosts’ I will discuss the kitchen..



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  1. May 11, 2016 @ 5:24 pm April

    Loving the tips! I am looking for the best way to mark walls. When we stayed in Iceland for a week several places had things like the Wifi Password and the cupboards marked with vinyl lettering. This made it easy to know which cabinets to open and not while we were there. I felt much less ‘snoopy’ thanks to these helpful hosts!


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