Laundry, Linen and Louis

What an amazing busy start to 2013. Naturally we were a little nervous about bringing on a new apartment to our profile let alone 3 within 2 months of each other. Whilst it has been a learning curve it has also been great fun and has certainly filled up our days.

There is someone who has made a huge difference to our lives recently and that is Louis. This is our knight in shining armor. He’s our new laundry guy and what a top service he provides; high quality, punctual and great value.

Our poor little washing machine is enjoying a much needed break! We just about managed last year to keep on top of the washing between our rooms and our other apartment. We knew this would not be feasible with 4 apartments so after meeting with a friend who has a hotel in Barcelona we were introduced to Louis. After all delegation given to the right person or party is such an important part of a successful business!

We call him the day before to confirm a pick up for the next day, he arrives to our apartment at 8:30 on the dot the next morning and returns the following day at the same time with lovely washed, ironed sheets and towels. Then we (well Phil) transports them around to the various apartments by our super dooper bike! After loosing my balance on it one day and falling over to the amusement of my onlookers it is just too difficult for me to control so it is really Phil’s bike now! What a lightweight eh!

Anyhow, moving swiftly on….we wish we had found this guy when we first started as it makes such a difference to us having this job done and surprisingly it does not cost too much. We pay just €1.18 per kilo! Pick up and delivery included! Now if only he would do clothes!!

So, our advice would be to find a small company that looks after Bed and Breakfasts, Guest Houses or Restaurants in your area. We had tried the laundrette too but there was not one located close enough and they were not that cheap not to mention all that hanging around! We had also spoken to some of the larger companies and they were either not interested or too expensive.

This small cost has freed up so much of our time and once we have them delivered back, just separating everything ready for each apartment check-in is great and a huge time saver.

We’ve also been in touch with a supplier of towels and bed linen and the price difference between hotel quality and what we find in the shops is amazing. This will be our next project sourcing this correctly.

For those of you that are hosting more and more and looking to streamline things a little go find yourself a ‘Louis’, you’ll never look back!

Any one in Barcelona who needs his number, just send us a message.







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