Love is in the AIR!

Well, what an exciting week we have had! It started last Sunday when we had one of the nicest couples you could ever meet arrive at our door. It was the last night of the Olympics and myself and Fiona were looking forward to watching the closing ceremony and to see if it would be as impressive as the opening one.

Our new guests had arrived and were a little tired from the flight and decided to leave exploring Barcelona until the next day. We asked if they would like to watch the show with us and were happy to so we opened some wine for the ladies and myself and Atul grabbed a couple of cold beers. The four of us got on so well, they really were our type of people and we sat and watched the spectacular closing ceremony and had a great chat along the way.

They were due to be staying with us until Wednesday, but had emailed us a few days beforehand to ask if they could stay up until the Friday. We were not booked as we had planned a couple of days away heading up the coast. It would be the first time that we had let people stay in our apartment whilst we were not there. But with theses two, there was no worries in our minds at all. We knew they would look after it for us and respect our home. It was also nice to know that some one was there whilst we were away.

The morning of us leaving was a little strange to be bidding farewell to strangers (now friends) in our apartment, when it was us leaving. As we were getting our things together I heard a yelp from Fiona and ran down to see what had happened. All was fine, in fact better than fine. Carolina was proudly showing off her engagement ring. Atul had  proposed to her the previous night. We were so pleased for them and they both looked so happy and delighted with themselves. It was also our first guest proposal …happy days!

There is plenty of love in the airbnb world this week and long may it continue.

We got back from our two day trip and to no surprise the apartment was immaculate, and two notes welcomed us; one to thank us and the other a clue to help find the artist of a drawing we have up on the wall.

Then today, we have had our first honeymoon couple check in with us. In fact, they booked over a year ago when we had just started out. Fiona was very excited about this booking and bought the red roses and had fresh rose petals on the bed for their arrival. They too are lovely and both couples are Canadian which is a nice coincidence!

Its always a good idea to find out if your guest is celebrating something before they arrive to make them feel even more welcome and special:)








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  1. August 19, 2012 @ 9:42 pm Danny D

    Wow, you two are really taking it to the next level 🙂 Congrats on making an important contribution to multiple people’s lives!


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