Airbnb Mobile Figures

Airbnb has said that 26% of all their traffic now comes form mobile devices, and over half of that is from iOS devices. Adding this to the rumours that they are on their third round of financing which will push up its value to $2 billion (Yes folks thats a B not a M) it looks as if this beast is going to continue to grow. And with the mobile app now sending through a quarter of its traffic it looks like they will have to keep on investing in polishing the app to perfection.

The iOS app its self has now exceeded over one million downloads and the company says that someone sends and Airbnb message every 5 seconds via mobile devices. Last month alone there were 530,000 messages sent! Airbnb say that users respond to messages three times faster via mobile then they do on the web. Statistics like this oint to a new generation of mobile users and an ever growing way to do business.

It is crucial for Airbnb to increase their mobile user base. As time goes by we are using our mobiles more and more and with the launch of iOS6 last month and the inclusion os PassBook, an app to store your gift cards, loyalty cards, boarding passes, vouchers, and tickets for events. You can bet that soon enough you will be able to shop, pay and book things like Airbnb with out the need for your wallet.

So, Airbnb is here to stay, which we are dleighted and we look forward to what new ideas they bring to the table over the coming months.


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