Oh Danny Boy

Afew weeks back I met up with Danny, an Airbnb guest who stayed with us last year and who has become a really good friend since. Danny is the guy behind lifelisted – it’s a bucket list but it’s okay he’s not dying!

He’s only a young thing who wants to achieve interesting and some spectacular things before he hits a certain age. One of them was to go to Dublin for St Patrick’s Day, when I saw it on his list I was hoping that somehow I would make it to join him.

Then would you believe Fiona suggested that I should go over and meet up with him and show him around town. She even booked my ticket a few months back!! Impressive.. I know!!

Danny is the one who suggested we do a blog, he told us we had a story to tell and plenty of experience to help other hosts. I still remember (during one of our many great chats) when he suggested it myself and Fiona looking at each other and saying emm yeh that’s a good idea! That happened nearly one year ago.

He had arrived a couple of days before me and although he is an Airbnb power user, this time around he had booked a hotel as it was part of his flight package. One really cool thing here is that he booked this trip whilst staying with us in Barcelona 11 months previously. I met him at the hotel bar and well you can’t beat seeing a friend you’ve not seen in a long time with the weekend to look forward to and without the family responsibilities as well! I felt like it must be my birthday or something!! We ordered a few pints of the black stuff (that’s the local term for Guinness) and started talking and decided that we really should head into the city.

When I left my bag up in the room it occurred to me, it had been years since I had stayed in a hotel, and yet although I’d never stayed at this particular one, it felt and looked familiar. The same beech wooded furniture you see typically in hotels, the same plain wall paper and the same carpets you would see in most hotels around the world. Spotlessly clean though. There really was nothing however that stood out as individual or unique. But I am a sucker for hotel breakfasts though!

We got to reception and ordered a taxi, the lady on the desk was nice and no problems with her at all, but I’ve got used to hugging our guests when we welcome them but the thought of doing this with her, well that would just be awkward.

As we got to town, I realised that although I knew Dublin fairly well, I was there for the first time as a tourist, and as we hopped from bar to bar I saw why so many people go to this great city. Sure its cold, sure its wet, but the bars are incredible and undeniably the best in the world and as for the people, they are so warm and welcoming and you just can’t beat the craic!

We had a blast from the first pint to the last and woke up the next day feeling some what worse for wear, but no time for feeling sorry for ourselves. We got sorted with the fab big breakie, a great start and hey this was St Patrick’s day! Back in to town then.

We got to talking about mine and Fiona’s journey since starting this blog. I think it was the first time that I’ve sat back, took a breath and looked at what we have accomplished and I have to say not only am I very proud, but also extremely happy how life is going for us.

Hosting with Airbnb has completely changed our lives and has given us more time with each other, more time with the kids and a more fulfilled way of life. We have gone from hosting guests like Danny in our home to now managing 6 apartments in Barcelona where we can host families and groups offering them a home away from home and providing our super-host service.

For people who read our blog and who are thinking about hosting, go for it! For people who read our blog who already host, look at what we have done in little over a year. Like everything that is successful, it needs allot of hard work, organisation, good admin skills and of course a good warm personality! Who knows but you certainly won’t ever know unless you try!




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