Our First Guests

We thought we would share our first guest experience with you because when your first booking comes in your mind starts working overtime; I hope they are nice, will we get on? Do I have everything for the room. Will I be able to trust them in my home and wow… this is weird.

We knew what we didn’t want and that was large groups over for partying! Only because it does not really suit a family with 2 young kids!! We are of course still the party type, we’re not that old yet;) It’s a bizarre thing to open up your home to a stranger however…

..A stranger is just someone we have not yet met!

After anxiously posting up our room on airbnb we got 3 enquires for …yes you guessed it.. group bookings! Just what we did not want but hey the fourth enquiry came in from Weronika. She sounded perfect, she was enquiring about a stay with her boyfriend Jan from Poland for a week! Cool, she booked! We had  5 days to prepare…

On the day the apartment was spotless and sheets ironed (yep, ironed sheets..we’ll talk about that another day) Both Phil and I had similar feelings, the type you get when you have a  job interview. Nervous, apprehensive and excited.

When they arrived we told them that they were our first ever airbnb guests and that we would love to share a bottle of Cava with them to celebrate and well, Jan took out another bottle and said ‘great minds think alike’, oh and would you believe it was their first airbnb experience too!

It was a fabulous week

They had breakfast here every morning and this gave us an opportunity to get chatting. They had a busy schedule though out seeing all that Barcelona has to offer and most evenings they would come back, we’d have  a quick chat and then they would be out again for dinner! Lucky them but hey they are DINK’S in fairness I suppose!..

DINK’S – Double Income No kids

– the life of a couple with no kids….hmmm nice

On their second last night Jan wanted to cook us a meal and then the plan was that all 6 of us go up to ‘The Magic Fountain of Montjuïc’. Jan loves cooking and had been out to the famous ‘La Boqueria Market’ selecting the best of  food and wine. Jan cooked us garlic scallops to start and the most amazing steak for dinner. What a meal! We then all ran to get the metro up to the magic fountain display which was spectacular.

So their last night we booked the babysitter and went out with them. We went to a great spot they knew about called ‘Pipa Social Club‘ ,interesting cool place where we played some pool and just had a great night. We got back at just after midnight as they had to leave for their flight.

Our night out just before they left for airport

It was such a great experience and we got such a good feeling and vibe from it that we knew we loved this hosting business and sure to do it again.

This is just the start of our many happy stories..

Happy airbnb’ing,




'Our First Guests' have 4 comments

  1. May 2, 2012 @ 3:55 pm Julie Keating

    Fi, the site looks amazing and you have really pulled it off with the rbnbing !! No two better people to have done it. X


    • May 5, 2012 @ 10:53 pm Fiona

      Thanks Jules, your support is so uplifting!! Thank you my dear:)


  2. June 3, 2012 @ 1:58 pm Andrea

    […] and we were delighted with the progress we made in just a month. After the wonderful review from Jan we started to get some enquiries and we had one in from a girl called Andrea who was looking for […]


  3. June 5, 2012 @ 9:16 am Jan

    I have tears in my eyes!!! Miss you, and planning trip to Bacelona in July. There is a huge music festival, Weronica knows the details. We will be in touch in case of accommodation:)


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