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We recently had a message through from Oriana, one of our readers, asking us the following; “I’m finding the need to have some sort of management software to consolidate my bookings, calendar, cleaning etc. I was curious to see what do you guys use. I need help!”

Well, we can help with this one……….Big Time!

We attended an Airbnb meet-up back in the early part of 2013. This event was hosted here at this incredible listing  just around the corner from us. We got speaking with a guy and he asked about us and our background. I started to explain a little. He stopped me…’Ahh, so you’re Phil. I have some one you need to meet’..

He ran off and I stood there a little confused, he came back with another guy who was clutching a tablet in his hand and introduced himself. He eagerly powered up the tablet and showed me VReasy! At first I had no idea what Vreasy was or what it did but within a minute Martin had me wanting to get my hands on this software straight away. In fact, the next day myself and Fiona were so excited about this we headed  to their super cool office in Barceloneta and had a more in depth overview and immediately and enthusiastically became beta testers.

Okay, so what is Vreasy? I’ll be honest, it has been a life saver for us! It has allowed us to grow the number of apartments that we manage, that is the first big thing! But most importantly it also allows us to be better hosts to our guests as it lets us find out more details about them and how we can help them get the most out of their stay.

We can gather all of their arrival information, we can offer to have them picked up from the airport, or taken back at the end of their trip. It helps us to arrange bike hire, tours, car hire, massages and much more. We can offer to hook them up with just about anything we want. Just as long as it’s legal 🙂

So here is how it works for us; Setting it up is a breeze as it all works with iCal, so once you have your Airbnb property entered in to Vreasy,  you just sync with your Airbnb listing iCal link with in VReasy and your done. All of your bookings are then showing in the Vreasy calendar. You then have the choice to customise the setup to suit you and also how automated you want it.

Here’s how we have things running; When our guests book through Airbnb, the booking goes through ical into Vreasy, this then automates an email to the guest where we send the directions to their apartment and we asks them to fill in their arrival information on an online form. Guests love this! They comment on how professional it is and they like to know that we know all the relevant information so we can be there to meet them on-time and arrange things for them if requested.

The forms you can send are completely customisable, you can add a photo of you, or your apartment or get a little jazzy and creative.

We check important information, such as if they need a travel cot, how many kids are coming, would they like a taxi arranged and also if there is anything they would like to tell us. For instance, if they tell us they are a honeymoon couple, we’ll buy some flowers, if it’s a birthday we’ll offer to arrange a birthday cake. Sometimes they will say they have dietary requirements and can we recommend places that would be great for them to eat.

This is what hosting is all about, making sure your guests have the best time , have what they need and letting them know you are there to help them enjoy their time in your place.

The great thing about all this information is that it is automated. If the guest requests a taxi through our form our taxi guy gets the booking straight away. We get a confirmation and its booked! Guest wants a bike, the request goes to the bike hire guys and they get in contact with each other to sort dates and times.

We also offer to have some food shopping in for our guest. This is great service for guests arriving on a Sunday or late at night, or for those who just want the fridge stocked when they arrive.  We offer three options form a basic pack to a full shop to keep them going for their stay. Again, it’s all done through Vreasy and when a guest requests a food pack we get an email to let us know and it’s also shown in the calendar so we can visually see it when we are planning our week.

That is the very basics of  VReasy. Not only is there more under the hood, but there is a lot more to come from the VReasy team and we’ll be doing a follow up post shortly with some of the features that will soon be availble through VReasy.

VReasy are happy to welcome new users to their program. So get in touch, let them know we sent you, and you’ll be on your way to been able to full-fill your guest wants and needs as well as being super efficient at hosting!

This amazing tool has helped us so much in the past year and we can not recommend it highly enough. Its freed up a lot of time for us. It was somewhat of a nightmare managing all our guests through google calendar.

So, whether you’ve just one listing or more, once you get VReasy installed, you’ll wonder how you ever coped without it.

You can contact them via email at or by following this Link

Good luck.


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  1. February 8, 2014 @ 1:50 pm Mike

    Thanks for sharing this. It looks interesting and worth checking out. We use Myallocator and we use that just for synchronizing our various calendars.


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