Just who are Phil and Fiona?

Ok yikes our first post for our first blog. Em where do we start, I suppose who are we and why are we writing this? Well we feel we have a story to tell and information to share to help anyone wanting to start hosting with airbnb.

There are 4 of us in our clan, Phil and Fiona and we’ve two kids. We left  Ireland in February 2011 to carve a new life in Barcelona and we love our new life here. It was was an incredibly brave move but completely worth it. Life is very busy and it’s full steam ahead with airbnb.

We had an opportunity to move here with the company Phil was working for at the time and with the economic down turn hitting Ireland hard we decided that whilst the kids were still young we would give it a shot. If you don’t gamble, you can’t win! Right?

We spent a few months planning the move and packing up our belongings and booked everything for the move. We did have the going away party (or 2) – as you do! Then one cold February morning we were driven to the airport to get a flight and move to a city that we had never been to before and where we didn’t speak the language. We can tell you something, when we touched down, there was a gut wrenching panic and we looked at each other both thinking ‘what are we doing, this is just crazy!

So what went wrong?

Sadly the company Phil moved over with had different ideas about things and after a few months decided to close the ‘new’ Barcelona office and wanted Phil back in Ireland. Our reply to them:


We had fallen in love with this city, we had our kids in a school on the same block as our dream apartment, the sun was shinning and the people we had met were fast becoming friends. So thanks, but no thanks, we’ll stay put. Now we just had the small worry of how we would put food on the table!!

We quickly set up a company using Phil’s knowledge of Tourism that would advise hotels to increase direct revenue. We also built websites for hotels and small businesses. But setting up a new business takes time before you generate a income, or this one did anyway! It certainly was not fast enough.

Airbnb to the rescue!

When you move to a city like Barcelona you have a lot of friends and family that want to come and visit. We used to joke that we should start to charge…Enter Airbnb! It was the perfect solution, we had a spare room and badly needed the additional income. So we set about getting the the room painted and get some additional furniture and listed it on the site and the rest (as they say) is history.

Why the Blog

We want to share our Airbnb experiences and help those new to hosting with Airbnb or hosts who are looking to maximize their bookings. Also for people who are thinking about becoming hosts and want to read from people like us who have been there and done it.

We’ve only been airbnb’ing for 9 months, but have become experts in how to host and we’ll be sharing some hints and tips, do’s and don’ts along the way. We will also be sharing some stories about some of the wonderful guests that pass through. Just wait until you hear about Doris, the 70 year old spiritualist that drives a Dodge Charger!

We hope you like our stories and keep in-tuned with ourbnb.com


Phil and Fiona

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