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We’re back….

Did you miss us? Well we missed us and somehow 4 months have passed since our last post. So we are very sorry to our regular readers and thanks for those who were concerned of our whereabouts!!….. But we’re both fit and well and doing great.


Oh Danny Boy

Afew weeks back I met up with Danny, an Airbnb guest who stayed with us last year and who has become a really good friend since. Danny is the guy behind lifelisted – it’s a bucket list but it’s okay he’s not dying! He’s only a young thing who wants to achieve interesting and some spectacular…


Ourbnb’s Proudest Moment So Far

We were asked if we would like to attend a meeting at Airbnb Barcelona. Sure, no problem, we’ve done them before and it is always great to chat to the Barcelona team. Then we read the email in full. Brian Chesky, the Co-Founder and CEO of Airbnb was going to be in Barcelona for the…


The Ourbnb Company Wheels

Here is the latest edition to our family. Last year with the first apartment going back and forth with the large blue Ikea bags was not too much of a hassle. It’s only two blocks away and a few trips a week. But with our new apartments it soon became apparent that we needed a solution to get…


Ourbnb & Airbnb Meet Up

Airbnb got in contact with us last week to ask if we would like to meet and have some photos taken for part of a Christmas promotion. Of course we would! So we headed down to the Airbnb Barcelona office on Tuesday to meet the team and see their beautiful office. It is located on Passeig de Gràcia,…


Missing In Action!

We’ve been off the radar a little over the past few weeks, and with good reason too. First we had a long overdue trip to Ireland with the kids to catch up with every one back home. It was the first opportunity we had and thanks to our good friend and fellow Airbnb host Charles who looked…


Where did everybody go?

For us here in Barcelona we are coming in to the low season. Strangely it has affected us more at our home where we host rather than the apartment we manage, which is going strong. So what to do about this lull time? First things first, check and lower rates accordingly. It is better to have someone in…


Airbnb Rocks – A Musician’s Guide to Touring with Airbnb

I found this guy’s blog on the net and had to share it with you all. Wes Davenport is a digital native from Tennessee who has a love for live music along with meeting and hearing peoples’ stories on his travels. He is also the publicist and co-manager for Nashville electro-rock band Vinyl Thief. Communications specialist and…


Looking For More Funding?

Well after last year when Airbnb managed to raise a $112 million deal in funding which valued the young company at $1.3 billion it may be that due to the huge increase in bookings that they maybe looking to raise again with a new round of funding. This is according to TechCruch co-editor, Eric Eldon who mentioned this at…


How Long Does An Airbnb Guest Stay?

Recently we received an email from a host who had just started up and they asked us what is the average length of stay of a guest. Hmmm, this is something we didn’t know off the top of our heads, but thought it would be a great exercise to find out. We could then answer the question put to us and this would be useful…

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