Airbnb Hints and Tips


Balcony, your extra room

Balconies are a big part of people’s living space these days. As a host if you are lucky enough to be able to offer your guest this special area well then why not enhance its full potential. Think of your balcony as an extension of your indoor space. The perception of greenery beyond any room makes…


Bedroom Tips For Hosts

Your bedroom at home should be relaxing, a comfortable soothing place where good quality sleep is a big factor here! For guest’s on vacation, well it’s pretty similar but with a little less stuff around! A guest’s bedroom should be the same in terms of a relaxing soothing place but should also be spotlessly clean (yawn……


Living Room Tips For Hosts

The living room can be a person’s sanctuary. Whether arriving home after a hard day at the office, or having a bad day or let’s hope a great day! Where our guests are concerned typically they will be tired after an energetic day out walking around the city sightseeing. The living room has to be very inviting,…


Phishing Emails

We’ve had quite a few phishing emails recently from unscrupulous folks pretending to be Airbnb and asking us to follow a link and sign in due to some made up reason. Of course the link will take you to a page that may or may not resemble an Airbnb looking site, but checking the URL it…


The Birth of

When we started out with Airbnb if we were asked by some one for a link to our apartment we would have to give them something like Which was fine of course but we wanted something more precise for the prospective guest! So I put together a basic website site with our rooms. Then…


Kitchen Tips For Hosts

They say a kitchen reflects the owners personality, would that be true? So, what’s your kitchen personality? Every room is so important for our guests but the kitchen is particularly. Not only does it have to sparkle for them but it has to be clean deep down. If you do the cleaning yourself or you…



Just a quick heads up to all hosts reading. Airbnb recently added a new category to Amenities for listings. Its called ‘Essentials’.  Its to let guest know that you supply the basics, such as towels, bed sheets, soap and toilet paper. Of course the majority of us supply these basic things for our Airbnb guests….


A New and Better Way To List

Airbnb recently changed the way in which you put in your information for a new listing. It’s great as you now have new text boxes for each section to describe your property and area, which not only looks better on Airbnb when a guest is viewing, but also makes sure you are giving prospective guests…


Software to help you host

We recently had a message through from Oriana, one of our readers, asking us the following; “I’m finding the need to have some sort of management software to consolidate my bookings, calendar, cleaning etc. I was curious to see what do you guys use. I need help!” Well, we can help with this one……….Big Time!


Chips Tips

Firstly, Happy New Year to you all! To our fellow hosts, hope you had a great break over Christmas but benefited from the tourists who like to get away over the festive season. For us we spent our holidays in Barcelona and had a busy Christmas and New year’s week with reservations, now we’ve been…

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