At Last San Francisco Makes Airbnb Legal

Airbnb and local city councils have a history of not being on the same page in some major cities. Airbnb was born back in 2008 and brought about a new way for guests to stay. It changed the way people travel and as we all know Airbnb grew fast….really fast! As this was a new format in…


Phishing Emails

We’ve had quite a few phishing emails recently from unscrupulous folks pretending to be Airbnb and asking us to follow a link and sign in due to some made up reason. Of course the link will take you to a page that may or may not resemble an Airbnb looking site, but checking the URL it…



Just a quick heads up to all hosts reading. Airbnb recently added a new category to Amenities for listings. Its called ‘Essentials’.  Its to let guest know that you supply the basics, such as towels, bed sheets, soap and toilet paper. Of course the majority of us supply these basic things for our Airbnb guests….

Airbnb Mobile Figures

Airbnb has said that 26% of all their traffic now comes form mobile devices, and over half of that is from iOS devices. Adding this to the rumours that they are on their third round of financing which will push up its value to $2 billion (Yes folks thats a B not a M) it looks as…


Looking For More Funding?

Well after last year when Airbnb managed to raise a $112 million deal in funding which valued the young company at $1.3 billion it may be that due to the huge increase in bookings that they maybe looking to raise again with a new round of funding. This is according to TechCruch co-editor, Eric Eldon who mentioned this at…


Airbnb Snaps Up Photoblogging Site

TechCruch have reported that Airbnb is adding to its arsenal and have acqui-hired PhotoBlogging site Dailybooth for an undisclosed sum.  Maybe this is more of a talent buyout, but we think that the two companies are perfectly matched to increase or better manage their growing mobile traffic. Dailybooth was founded in 2009 by Brian Pokorny, Jon Wheatley and…


Airbnb Gets Olympic Gold

It looks like the purchase of rival CrashPadder a few months back really has paid off for Airbnb. Nathan Blecharczyk, the company’s chief technology officer and co-founder of Airbnb is very pleased that they have over 4,500 bookings over the coming three weeks of the Olympic games! Airbnb also struck a sponsorship deal with the London…

Airbnb Super Hosts

On Friday we had an email that put us in top form ready for the weekend. It was from Airbnb to let us know that due to our hard work and looking after guests in the way we do, we had been given ‘Super Host’ status. For those that don’t know what this is, ‘Super Host’ is…

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