Interior Hints For Hosts


Balcony, your extra room

Balconies are a big part of people’s living space these days. As a host if you are lucky enough to be able to offer your guest this special area well then why not enhance its full potential. Think of your balcony as an extension of your indoor space. The perception of greenery beyond any room makes…


Bedroom Tips For Hosts

Your bedroom at home should be relaxing, a comfortable soothing place where good quality sleep is a big factor here! For guest’s on vacation, well it’s pretty similar but with a little less stuff around! A guest’s bedroom should be the same in terms of a relaxing soothing place but should also be spotlessly clean (yawn……


Living Room Tips For Hosts

The living room can be a person’s sanctuary. Whether arriving home after a hard day at the office, or having a bad day or let’s hope a great day! Where our guests are concerned typically they will be tired after an energetic day out walking around the city sightseeing. The living room has to be very inviting,…


Kitchen Tips For Hosts

They say a kitchen reflects the owners personality, would that be true? So, what’s your kitchen personality? Every room is so important for our guests but the kitchen is particularly. Not only does it have to sparkle for them but it has to be clean deep down. If you do the cleaning yourself or you…


Interior Hints For Hosts

So this month we’re kicking off a new part of the blog providing you with a break down on some interior tips on how you could increase your guests experience and hence future bookings for your listing/s. It is going to be mainly written by me, Fiona! Not because Phil is not good in this area, on the contrary…

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