Just a quick heads up to all hosts reading. Airbnb recently added a new category to Amenities for listings. Its called ‘Essentials’.  Its to let guest know that you supply the basics, such as towels, bed sheets, soap and toilet paper. Of course the majority of us supply these basic things for our Airbnb guests….


A New and Better Way To List

Airbnb recently changed the way in which you put in your information for a new listing. It’s great as you now have new text boxes for each section to describe your property and area, which not only looks better on Airbnb when a guest is viewing, but also makes sure you are giving prospective guests…


Software to help you host

We recently had a message through from Oriana, one of our readers, asking us the following; “I’m finding the need to have some sort of management software to consolidate my bookings, calendar, cleaning etc. I was curious to see what do you guys use. I need help!” Well, we can help with this one……….Big Time!


Interior Hints For Hosts

So this month we’re kicking off a new part of the blog providing you with a break down on some interior tips on how you could increase your guests experience and hence future bookings for your listing/s. It is going to be mainly written by me, Fiona! Not because Phil is not good in this area, on the contrary…


Chips Tips

Firstly, Happy New Year to you all! To our fellow hosts, hope you had a great break over Christmas but benefited from the tourists who like to get away over the festive season. For us we spent our holidays in Barcelona and had a busy Christmas and New year’s week with reservations, now we’ve been…


We’re back….

Did you miss us? Well we missed us and somehow 4 months have passed since our last post. So we are very sorry to our regular readers and thanks for those who were concerned of our whereabouts!!….. But we’re both fit and well and doing great.


What Percentage Of Guests Leave A Review?

Now that we are up and running as a business (thanks to airbnb) I thought it would be a good exercise for us to see how many guests actually leave a review. Sometimes we feel we do everything and more for a guest and even after that they don’t write a review. We never underestimate…


Oh Danny Boy

Afew weeks back I met up with Danny, an Airbnb guest who stayed with us last year and who has become a really good friend since. Danny is the guy behind lifelisted – it’s a bucket list but it’s okay he’s not dying! He’s only a young thing who wants to achieve interesting and some spectacular…


Ourbnb’s Proudest Moment So Far

We were asked if we would like to attend a meeting at Airbnb Barcelona. Sure, no problem, we’ve done them before and it is always great to chat to the Barcelona team. Then we read the email in full. Brian Chesky, the Co-Founder and CEO of Airbnb was going to be in Barcelona for the…


Laundry, Linen and Louis

What an amazing busy start to 2013. Naturally we were a little nervous about bringing on a new apartment to our profile let alone 3 within 2 months of each other. Whilst it has been a learning curve it has also been great fun and has certainly filled up our days. There is someone who has made a huge…

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