Kitchen Tips For Hosts

They say a kitchen reflects the owners personality, would that be true? So, what’s your kitchen personality?

Every room is so important for our guests but the kitchen is particularly. Not only does it have to sparkle for them but it has to be clean deep down. If you do the cleaning yourself or you have a cleaner to do it, you need 5 stars for cleanliness. The following is what WE provide don’t forget, it’s nothing you need to do just our tips on our way of doing things which may help your hosting..

We provide..

  • Full set of cutlery, sparkling and neat in the top drawer
  • Full set of utensils, salad servers plus a kitchen scissors and a corkscrew
  • Full dinner set, again clean and stacked nicely
  • Children’s plastic plates, bowls and cutlery (a minimum of 2 sets is fine)
  • Salad bowl and a colander
  • 1-2 serving dishes
  • 2-3 oven dishes
  • Cups x 4-6
  • Day glasses x 6
  • Wine glasses x 4-6
  • Cava glasses x 4-6
  • Kettle
  • Toaster
  • Microwave (bonus but not essential)
  • Provide teas and coffee. The Nespresso machine for coffee is the ideal product on the worktop but if this is not viable then the very affordable Italian Moka Pot with a supply of ground coffee is absolutely perfect
  • A jug
  • Teapot
  • Napkins
  • Pots and pans (1 x small, medium and large) and one or two frying pans is suffice
  • Tea towels and an oven glove
  • Bread board and a set of sharp knifes
  • Salt and pepper
  • Sugar container
  • Olive oil – always nicer to put in a suitable container

Ensure salt, pepper, sugar and olive oil containers are always re-filled


  • Bags for the rubbish bin
  • Kitchen towel and tin foil
  • Small supply of cleaning products for the guests, such as dish sponge, cloth, general disinfectant and washing up liquid
  • Sweeping brush, mop and bucket
  • Liquid hand soap by the sink
  • Drying rack beside the sink (if there is no dishwasher well then this would not be essential)
  • Dishwasher (is a real bonus but not absolutely necessary) If there is one don’t forget the dishwasher tablets!
  • Ensure all lightbulbs are working and don’t forget to include the light shades in the cleaning agenda
  • Nearly all kitchens have tiles – ensure they are clean! If it is painted keep it fresh and painted once a year, at least
  • Don’t forget to always have the oven cleaned and not overlooked. Provide simple instructions on how to use this and other electronics such as the dishwasher etc


  • I suggest no food that is opened is kept for the next guests however such items as herbs or vegetable stock for example we do keep in the cupboards for future guests to use
  • A clock in a kitchen always looks well
  • A good picture or two is required
  • Buff up all the stainless steel in the kitchen such as the kettle, the hob, sink and kitchen taps – this is very important
  • Blackboards are a nice addition not only for guests to use but also for a nice welcome message by us to them for their arrival
  • Plants are great in a kitchen but can you keep them alive? If not the false ones in a nice tin plant holder for example look great – even just one is good. Not essential though!
  • Herb grinder, garlic crusher, egg holder and egg timer are all nice additions but not totally necessary
  • Lemons, limes and garlic (keep them fresh) – if you really want to get some browny points!
  • Washing machine is a great addition and really appreciated by some guests. If you provide this don’t forget the washing powder, conditioner and instructions on how to use it
  • If you checked out our other blog called ‘Software to help you host‘ you will see we offer a food welcome pack. If a guest has selected this service then we have a nice basket or tray in the kitchen to display some of the foods they have requested
  • The fridge must be absolutely spotless. Unless our guests have requested a food welcome pack we will alway have nothing but a bottle of Cava chilling for them on their arrival. Catalonia is famous for many things but one thing it is very well known for is its bubbly Cava. Find a local speciality such as wine, cheese or chocolate and have it in your fridge for your guests, they will be very impressed;)

I hope this helps, next time round will be my tips on the all important living room..









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  1. April 28, 2015 @ 11:49 pm helen

    Thanks for your beautiful blog — your tips are so useful! I’m a new host of a private apt in Chicago, USA and I’m trying to figure out how to sustainably provide guests with basics such as fresh cream for their coffee. Most guests book 2-3 nights and so they can only use a fraction of a pint (the smallest available). I’ve tried pouring cream into a little porcelain carafe but my sense is that guests don’t like using something unsealed (which I understand). I could purchase a bulk container of individual serving pods of half and half but it seems so environmentally unfriendly that I’m resistant. What do other hosts do? The cost doesn’t bother me ($1.80 USD) but the waste is a bit appalling. I feel the same about shampoo and soap — I’m now leaving high quality salon products in regular sized bottles in the bathroom. I didn’t feel OK with the amount of plastic containers I was throwing away every month.


    • April 29, 2015 @ 8:41 pm Fiona

      Hi Helen,

      Lovely to hear from you and thanks for your comments. We dont provide milk or infact shampoos but we do provide liquid soap. If, however I was managing just the one or two apartments well then I perhaps would provide milk/ cream and more. We just stayed in a fabulous airbnb place last weekend and the host had bottled water, butter, milk, bread,yogurt, eggs and ham left out for breakfast. In the bathroom there were all types of shampoo and soaps. I was impressed:)



  2. December 30, 2015 @ 12:57 am Lee

    I love your blog! This is most helpful so far. I’m a first time host on Airbnb. I am renting out my entire home in two days, so I am trying to figure out what to do with all my food in the fridge. The rental is for only one night, so it’s not feasible for me not to have food in the house when I live here the other 30 days out of the month. Do you have any recommendations?
    Thank you.


    • January 2, 2016 @ 10:58 am Phil

      Hi Lee, Thanks for the message. We used to have a shelf for the guest to use during their stay and let them know things like ketchup, mayonnaise and such things, they can use. Always have the fridge looking clean and everything stacked neatly. For 2 days rental, you don’t want to throw a load of things out.


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